Candid shots-

I had the opportunity to attend the Ben Weider Legacy cup as accredited media on October 21st, in Toronto.

The Ben Weider Legacy cup was open to athletes from USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbeans and Jamaica.

There were a lot of high caliber athletes, from a variety of countries and in all the categories.

Here are a few candid shots from the behind the scenes, the quality of my pictures is often average, but it was just so amazing to be at this year’s Ben Weider Legacy cup, I had to share them!

Here we go!

Ben Weider Legacy Cup 2017 Media access



Registration at Ben Weider Legacy cup.

Front row, wearing a white shirt is Joel Stubbs, legendary IFBB Pro and current president of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and fitness federation.


Men’s Physique getting ready to showcase their work


Figure up to 163 cm Left to Right: Sabrina Burgess, Leslie Rotella, Nadia Vandal, Macha Douard


The stunning Jan R. Johnson. former figure competitor and fitness coach with the Bahamas team athletes.


Darren Mehling from and his athletes

Sydney Outten (Bahamas) competing in the Master’s men Bodybuilding, at the young age of 72, was quiet the crowd pleaser. He was quiet the performer and had impressive conditioning, and definitely wasn’t intimidated when he posed for the overall win with the other categories winners.


Men’s Bodybuilding Over 100 kg Super Heavyweights

The caliber of the athletes in all the categories was very impressive.  To see these Heavyweights focused and quiet before showing all their hard work, was absolutely breathtaking.


A few winning smiles. Ross Ceasar (Bermuda), Paul Wilson (Bahamas), and Giovanni Farrington (Bahamas).


Overall winner Philip Clahar (USA)


This is just a glimpse of what it was like to be there, and a few articles are coming up soon!