In the last couple of years, I have seen false lashes literally on everybody, from students, to cashiers at the supermarket, to the receptionist at the clinic. All backgrounds and all ages. And  I discovered Lash Du Jour.

False eye lashes are a trend that is here to stay, with sales of over 18.6 million U.S. dollars in the U.S. only in 2016. Fitness competitors are fully aware of this trend, as it is one of the best ways to look on point during competitions.

Back in my 20s, I tried a few times those clumps of lashes to glue on, but quickly got bored with the whole process. But this time, I decided I would get some infos and try this beautifying tool once again, so I approached one of our current most trendy companies, Lash Du Jour.

My social medias have been flooded with beautiful pictures of competitors from different sports, as well as of women in their everyday look, wearing Lash Du Jour products. Based on the pictures, there is a lightness and quality in each of Lash Du Jour’s products. The enthusiastic reviews keep pouring in, and a representative of this Toronto based company, kindly agreed to meet me and discuss what makes her brand so unique and desirable.

Lash Du Jour lashes are way beyond what you can find at your local drugstore or even at Sephora.

Not only did the founder of this company come up with an amazing variety of looks, but she also managed to keep the lashes, well, light as feathers!  One of my many concerns was comfort: would they feel as if something was weighing on my eyes? Would I forget to feel fabulous from discomfort?

I am hooked!

I was lucky enough to receive 3 sets of lashes to try out. I was very excited at the idea of getting the movie star look. Each set was from a different collection, and I tried them all, and absolutely loved them all. Being a newbie I could feel the first set on my lids for a few minutes, then completely forgot I had them on, however all my friends complimented me on my ‘’new make-up style’’.  They fit so comfortable they could be your own. I instantly felt more fabulous! Myself, only way better!

The Lash Du Jour brand ensures that all eye shapes and sizes are enhanced by them. You will notice your eyes pop weather you have monolids or hooded eyelids as different styles cater to different eye shapes.  Just carefully adjust the length to your eyes, and you are good to go looking absolutely fantastic!

I particularly love the options between the invisible band for a more natural look, and the black band for an eyeliner effect that won’t need any eye liner application, you are elegant and made up in an instant!

What we love about Lash Du Jour

  •  This brand is actively involved in social causes, ($1 of every sale on goes towards the World Animal Protection Charity)
  • The collection Luxurious Minx is 100% cruelty free as no animal fur is ever used for any of their products.
  • The lashes are all made of premium silk. Most current lash companies’ purchase from China based online websites, Lash Du Jour lashes are handcrafted mainly in Indonesia and Canada.  Quality is always a priority for Lash Du Jour.
  • You can order custom made lashes with genuine Swarovski crystals, hand-made in Toronto Ontario.
  • Luxurious Minx Collection lashes last up to 20 plus uses, Au Naturel and Faux Chic collections last up to 10 uses per pair.
  • Lash Du Jour sponsors local dance and fitness competitions so if you need lashes applied, it’s always complimentary.
  • Worldwide shipping!
  • Make sure to subscribe to the A-List Rewards program list for all sorts of goodies!


The collections

Luxurious Minx Collection-Made of Premium Silk (up to 20+ uses per lash)

Au Naturel Collection-Made of Natural Hair (up to 10 uses per lash)

Faux Chic Collection -Made of Synthetic Fibres (up to 10 uses per lash)

YouTube is loaded with useful tutorials on false eyelashes application, however the Lash Du Jour representative kindly shared her very own tips and tricks:

‘‘It’s always better to trim the lash band too little than too much. Sometimes it takes 3-4 cuts till you get the perfect width.  And never cut the length of the lash (lash fibres), only the width (lash band). Sometimes placing a mirror flat on a table and apply the lashes looking down is the easiest.  Practice makes perfect.’’

So have some fun with your style, and try one of the many beautiful lashes from Lash Du Jour!