Shadows to Silver is a twenty five year retrospective exhibition by Michael Chambers,  curated by Pamela Edmonds.

If an image is worth 1000 words, Chambers will never disappoint you. With international publications and exhibits, his work will challenge your perceptions, force you to think differently, soothe your craving for aesthetics, and is more current than ever.  In a society where pictures and images are taking over, the unique quality of his fearless work is a much needed intellectual dare.

You want more of this? If you hurry you can find his work until Friday 3rd August in Quananoque, with the Shadows to Silver exhibition at the O’Connor Gallery.

The road tour of the Shadows to Silver exhibition marks some key location references in Canada’s rich history.
This exhibition was launched in a spectacular display at the Thames Gallery in Chatham, Ontario, coinciding with the celebration of Canada’s 150th year of independence in the spring of 2017, along the symbolic path of the Underground Railroad.

A second stop made its way earlier this year in Toronto, where the artist got much of his creative inspiration.
Now Chambers’s exhibit has journeyed to Gananoque, Thousand Islands, a City that helped spark the US/ Canadian war of 1812.  
Between 1840 and 1860, Gananoque was also part of the underground railroad path that brought to freedom many enslaved Africans that reached free states and Canada.

With several award-winning films and television credits, he was also the subject of Anton Wagner’s biographical documentary for CBC,
 The Photographer – An Artist’s Journey and more recently a PBS special Through A Lens Darkly, which received the prestigious  NAACP award in 2016.

At present Chambers work is on view at the National Gallery of Jamaica and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

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