I recently found a delicious healthy sweet treat and couldn’t wait to share this discovery

Since I turned around my eating habits years ago, my idea of a sweet treat has been dried mangoes, however every once in a blue moon I stumble onto some treats that will work with my eating habits, Joseph’s Nutless clusters does. I am very picky about what I recommend, so if I say it’s good, you are in good hands!Joseph's Nutless cluster

Joseph’s Nutless clusters

Organic, non-gmo, gluten free treat, and vegan, they are manufactured in a nut and peanut free facility.

This new snack made in Toronto has been around since 2015.

The taste and packaging is the coolest, and considering the ingredients list, will be a hit with the kids at school too. Same goes with picnics and hikes, their package is resealable and so easy to carry!

There are two products: The chocolate one and the original one. Since  I am dairy free I will happily describe to you the Chocolate version of Joseph Nutless clusters.

Taste & Flavor
Usually healthy treats pretty much taste like some funny sweet goo (sorry!) or have a very strong taste of honey or dates, not this baby! You really enjoy the mix of flavor and there is no  too sweet aftertaste of any kind, nor did they leave me thirsty, I really love them with my coffee, and of course they can be mixed up with all types of milk, yogurt and fruits of your choice. You can easily come up with your own recipe that incorporates them!

I have been hoping to find a oat’s free cluster for the longest time and this will not disappoint you!
What really got me is also that it tastes like nothing out there, so if we have to be bad and go for sweets, lets do it in a guilt-free way!


Joseph’s original nutless clusters

You got to see their bite size too! Makes eating them real fun!

What is really great too is that sugar is in them only as a bonding agent
( evaporated sugar cane) and it is really the dates that give the sweet flavor to them.

  • Main ingredients:  Dates, coconuts and brown rice crisp


A bit of history

Marco Genovese, co-owner of Joseph’s nutless clusters, spilled the beans for us. This businessman from Toronto has been into baking since he was 16, he then went into a different filed. Three years ago him and his business partner decided to put this together. They started an online store for gluten free products, and realized there was a niche for a gluten free treat, there was a request for an all natural product. He then went on to get twenty recipes tested until he found the two winning ones. After one year of developing, the product launched, mid 2015.

Joseph is  a lucky name for both Marco and his business partner, since both of their son’s are named Joseph, as well as their fathers. So it seemed like a natural choice for the brand.

«We hired a holistic nutritionist to develop our products,» he explains. «All our ingredients are natural, our dates come from the Middle East, our coconut from the Philippines,  our rice crisp form California.»

Chocolate Joseph’s Nutless clustersJoseph['s chocolate cluster nutrition facts

Ingredients list

Dates, brown rice crisps, coconut oil,
organic evaporated cane juice, coconut (unsweetened, sulfite-free),
semi-sweet chocolate chips natural vanilla extract), chocolate liquor, water,
rice flour,  vanilla, mixed tocopherols, sea salt




Joseph’s nutless clusters original

Original Joseph's nutless cluster nutrition facts


Dates, brown rice crisps, butter, coconut (unsweetened, sulfite-free),
organic evaporated cane juice, water, rice flour,
vanilla, mixed tocopherols, sea salt


Where to find Joseph’s nutless clusters

These delicious treats can be found online on their official website and are available in Canada and the U.S (link at the end of this article) as well as at Costco and on the list of retailers found on their site.

Coming soon
Two products will be added to the line, one will be with cranberries and one will be pea-nut flavored ( yup, with peas!).
If you are still not convinced, the price will, they retail between 2,99$ and 3,99$ totally worth trying them!

Joseph’s nutless clusters official site