Fitness Sanctum – no more excuses



I stumbled on Fitness Sanctum accidentally, and was thrilled with the concept, so here is a quick breakdown of what this site is all about



Fitness Sanctum is a one-stop shop for quality fitness apparel, from workout gear to sports-specific performance training equipment and mobility products.


Their website is absolutely one of the most client friendly ones I have found in a long time.

It is really easy to browse thru the different categories. Founded in October 2014, they cater to Canada and the US.


On Fitness sanctum, you will find all the latest tools and equipment form the biggest brands, to allow you to target whatever type of training you are aiming to do.  Fitness Sanctum has over 500 products in stock form apparel to equipment. This place is worth your time:

  • If you are a CrossFit fanatic
  • If you travel constantly and don’t want to miss out on your training
  • Whatever you got cooking up on your mind

Fitness sanctum is based in Montreal, Canada, which makes it even sweeter for anybody in the states, considering how low the Canadian dollar currently is.

John Kuriem, owner and creator of Fitness Sanctum, is passionate about fitness under all its aspects. He is also a great business man, and strives for perfection. John has a background in web marketing and is also a certified personal trainer and has been a basketball coach for the youth as well. He also was also a soccer player in university. ʺ the goal is to make fitness accessible, people are always struggling to find time to make their health and fitness a priority weather its struggling to exercise or prepare meals etc., it is often not convenient for them, so the aim is to help make the process of exercising and to join a fit lifestyle more within reach, whether it’s with the content of the site or the equipment that we offer, that is often portable, multifunctional etc. ʺ he explains.


Why I love this online store:

-variety of equipment, with over 25 North American brands, and new products added regularly

– 7 business days delivery for both the US and Canada

-365 days return policy

–  Lots of focus on CrossFit and functional training brands

– Lots of portable and space saving equipment





This is what we can expect on Fitness sanctum in the future:

ʺWe really serve as a platform and support it with articles and eventually set up a monthly online train platform so people can follow a program based on their specific goals.  We emphasize functional training as well as strength training.ʺ Explains John.

Here are John suggestions, his top 3 for the busy travelling competitor

-equalizer bars

A weighted vest

A pair of bands with different resistance



I recommend to join their newsletter too, since Kohn aims at creating a support system for anybody into fitness, thru tips, videos, and blogs. You will find on the site advice and resources on how to train form home and training outdoors, and reviews on equipment and suggestions of workouts


To find out for yourself and start buying cool stuff: go here