Kai Greene seminar:  here is  what you will learn 

At this year’s Toronto ProSupershow, I attended Kai Greene Seminar. Twice, actually, to make sure I wouldn’t miss any of the champion’s content. Here is what I learned. And probably a scoop too!

Kai Greene has been known as the people’s champion, by his warm and humble personality, and always available to listening to his fans.For this year’s seminar, anybody that was hoping for training tips was to be very surprised. The champion decided to emphasise the power of the mindset in attaining any goal. These tips are what helped him reach the competitive level he is at, and can be applied for any goal you have, during your workouts as much as outside of the gym.

Are Kai’s seminars  worth it? They  are. I decided to attend  both times, one given on each day of the expo, to see if there were any differences or flaws. I haven’t found any.Extremely well-spoken and with a talent for putting any situation into perspective with intelligence, he delivered, as expected, an incredible performance.

The content he shares is absolutely of interest, and definitely consistent with what you see of him on his official website and social media.  Surrounded by his team, he offers the atmosphere of a one on one conversation. He will respectfully answer your questions and interact with the attendees, and his team will make sure that there is time left for pictures with the champion. Just follow directions and you will get your moment, don’t get discouraged by the long line of supporters waiting for their turn with Kai.

Kai Green speaking at the Toronto Pro Supershow

photo by Fitnewsmag



The energy is on, seriously on, thru the whole seminar! Just to give you an idea, on the second seminar I attended, Kai presented himself after his routine and a dance-off on stage. I was expecting him to be tired or going thru his content with no passion, well absolutely none of that happened! He was generous of his time and humble as he always his, eager to connect and share, no dull moment, and the content was delivered differently but with the same enthusiasm.
Quick note: if for any reason you arrive late or need to leave in the middle of the seminar, Kai will understand, but make sure to do so in a very quiet respectful way, he will really appreciate that.

Every seminar, in every city, is done differently, here are a few highlights of  Kai’s seminar content

  • I am the champion because I decide to be

Kai reminds us that  the choices we make are under our own influence and you can only do them while thinking of what is best for yourself, the motivation has to come from within.

For example if you have a bad habit, it is in your power to decide and choose to break out of that bad habit.

  • Create a desire

The biggest power is to decide to stick to your goal, once you create that desire , you will need discipline and direction to stick to that goal. Figure out early one why it is important to you, it will help once it gets tough.

  • Have an attitude of gratitude

Too often we forget all that we have and focus only on what we are lacking, but every single day, it is important to take the time to see what we have that will lead us towards our goal. The inventory of the good that we have. The right thinking will lead you to the right actions.

  • Take responsibility and be available

Everything that crosses your path will help you, it is your very own responsibility to turn your thoughts into actions. To turn situations into positives that will benefit you, especially the challenges and setbacks. Failure is critical to success. Be available and open to possibilities, attitude goes a long way.

  • Justice

There is absolutely no need to take advantage of anybody else for you to advance.


‘Their words aren’t as powerful as my thoughts’  Kai Greene


These are  only a few of the many interesting things you will learn, and get this: I am almost sure you can expect a book presenting in dept more of his outlook and approach very  soon.

For everything Kai, go to  Kai Greene Official Website